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About all sorts k9

All Sorts K9 Training was founded to provide a safe space for you and your dog to come for practical advice and help, 

How can we help?

Dog training is so complicated these days and has become a mine field of free advice, different techniques and online guru's.

I am a friendly confident and passionate person who cares deeply about what I do providing owners with the knowledge and understanding they need to help their pet.

Dogs are living things as we are - and this means that we both make mistakes. The trick is to learn from these, adapt and move forward forming a much deeper relationship with your dog.

I enable owners to feel confident that they understand and are in control of their dogs,  I do this holistically teaching them and there family the skills needed to build better behaviors with there dogs and to problem solve to a degree themselves.

I teach them exactly what they need to know to solve the issues they are having right now, then we can build up new skills and have more fun once there’s a good foundation and the bad behaviors are gone,  

. I have helped literally 100's of people over the years to have a calmer happier life with their pet,

With 30 years’ experience and some of my own innovative techniques, I believe that any and every dog, on its own or part of a group can improve when the right training approach is applied.

What does life look like after working with us?

After working with us you will understand why your dog has been doing what it's been doing and know how to effectively communicate with them to solve the problem,

You will know how to and be able to build in new behaviors and set boundaries without hassle or stress.

Everyone I work with has the security and piece of mind that I have your back, if anything unexpected or a new behavior crops up, I'm only ever a phone call / text/ email away.

 The dogs themselves will know, understand and obey the house rules without you needing to constantly nag at them, this in turn means they and yourself will be calmer and more relaxed creating a peaceful, stable environment for everybody.

We get asked for help on a regular basis and create training programs to suit your needs,

even if your problem is uncommon we can and will help you - just have a chat with us,