About Dan Mildenhall 


Dan has run the dog and pack walking side of the business successfully now for some years and now has a growing involvement in the training side of things. 

He grew up with two to three dogs in his household at any one time, amongst other dogs within his wider family.  He has always been drawn to all animals not just dogs and has a Wonderfully natural affinity with them.


Dan and I have worked together for over 10 years.  he has trained both domestically and worked closely with me within the media industry handling many different species, as well obedience and working trial dog training. 

He has grown as a trainer and shows real dogmanship.  Dan and his current dogs Fluke and Kyla have shown exceptional skill in various training disciplines and continue to grow in confidence and capability.  

Dan has competently walked a good size pack, keeping them all under control and instructing newcomers to the group.  He is developing ably as an instructor displaying his own Unique skill set, opinions, methods and techniques.