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About Steve Cain 

I’m Steve Cain, the second generation of dog trainer in my family, I am the founder and owner of Allsorts k9 training and an animal reiki master.


I love working with people to transform there relationships with there dogs and bring harmony to their lives, I facilitate change in the simplest and most effective way taking a holistic view on the issues the clients experiencing. 

It’s vital to have an understanding of different breeds and there traits, over the years I have both owned and worked with a wide variety of breeds and cross breeds predominantly rescue dogs. This is why I primarily work rescue’s supporting them to achieve and stay in there forever homes,

What am I the expert in? 


. Competition obedience and working trials,

. Tricks and media training 

 . Puppies 

 . Behavioural problems 

 . Rescue dog rehabilitation, 

 . Multi dog households, 

 . Domestic fox training. 

 . Multiple species households. 


Why pick me 


. I have grown up in multi dog and various species households having once had 14 dogs and 2 litters of puppies at the same time,   my mother used to rescue and rehab German shepherds and train police sniffer and detection dogs. 


. Growing up I competed at high levels in obedience for many years with various breeds of dog from a very young age, this means I love to get into the nitty gritty detail of an exercise or training session, I enjoy finding the right motivator for both owner and there dogs then repeating of an exercise until it's bang on. 


. After training now for over 30 years, I have seen first-hand how training techniques have changed over time and have enjoyed adapting my training and learning new techniques,  I’ve gained a few qualifications in animal behaviour and physiology along the way which gives me a deep insight into the workings of the dog and what makes them tick. 

. For me, working closely with clients over a period of months is amazing, I really get to help them grow and watch their lives change for the better as their k9 friend enriches there family.  Together we build confidence and the belief in both themselves and their dog.  


What's my background? 


My entire life I’ve been surrounded by dogs and many other animals, my mother used to breed and rescue German Shepherds and at times we had up to 15 dogs in the house. We were always hand rearing birds or feeding up a wild animal in need of help. 

I began to compete in obedience at a very young age training and handling my first dog at around 7 years old. Later I began to breed my own Shetland Sheepdogs (with the help of mum!) and by the time I was 14 years old I competed with one of the dogs I bread at Crufts in an obedience team. 

As I grew up I Continued to train dogs but moved on to German Shepherds and then to Australian Shepherd Dogs and Border Collies, and now have a selection of various rescued breeds. 

I have worked with and rehabilitated countless rescue dogs Over the years which has changed lives both k9 and human, I’ve even won a few awards in the process,   My dogs have also gained awards at high levels in competitions with some even having roles in front of the camera being credited in some blockbuster films, television shows and advertising. 

I have studied and qualified in....

Btec National Diploma in Animal care, 

Level 2 Animal care - companion animals,

Btec National Diploma - care of exotic species, 

Diploma in canine Welfare,

Think dog - Canine behaviour and learning    certification, 

Various dog obedience training courses ( 30 + years worth ) 

Animal veterinary nursing assistant,

Wild animal management,

Kennel and cattery management, 

Animal housing design and maintenance, 

Media and trick training, 

Film animal training & management, 


certified level 1,2 & 3 Reiki master

Autism awareness, 

ADHD awareness, 

Safeguarding young people,

Child protection in education, 

The prevent duty, 



Stephen Cain
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