Group training days

Do you need help with your dog's behavior, but can't find the right workshop, class or trainer to help?

All sorts k9 offer a non judgmental safe space for you and your dog to get the help, support and guidance you need, whatever the problems may be.

The workshops will be run by trainers .

Steve Cain, 
Dan Mildenhall, 

We will be using balanced reward based training methods with techniques learnt from trainers all around the world. 

These techniques mixed in with our own thirty plus years of dog training experience has allowed us to formulated a training system that actually works for you! 

Whether you’re a beginner  or experienced dog owner you'll know that there is always something new to learn, another approach to try , new techniques to discover and lots more fun to be had, 

In Our workshops the content is tailored to the individuals who attend and exercises will be introduced at the appropriate level for the dogS and there owners, 

        - Improving reliability at responding to obedience cues, 

        - Pulling on the lead, 

        - Recall problems, 

        - Managing high arousal, 

        - Barking, 

        - Interactive play, 

        - Social skills, 

        - Reading body language, 

        - Distraction proofing, 

        Places are limited to enable us to keep you distanced and spend the time with you that you need,

          We will however run regular monthly training days so please call us to reserve your place.